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Egypt Holidays

Egypt Holidays, Egypt Hotels & Flights To Egypt

Express Egypt provides affordable Egypt holidays in 2011, including red sea holidays, Nile cruising, travel adventure, family holidays and all inclusive holidays as part of our holidays to Egypt.

Egypt holidays have always been popular with British holiday makers, the incredible history that the country has to offer is second to none, and when this is combined with great weather, sandy beaches and low cost flights to Egypt, it seems like an ideal holiday location.

Why Visit?

It is a region embellished with castles and palaces and adorned with monasteries of dervishes and with colleges lit by the moons and the stars of erudition.

  • “It is the metropolis of the universe",
  •  "The garden of the world,"
  • "The nest of human species,"
  •  "The gateway to Islam,"
  •  "The throne of royalty;"

The year round warm temperatures are a major draw for people who are looking for Egypt holidays, especially with the year round flights to Egypt and the many brilliant Egypt hotels. The sandy beaches both in the North and on the Red Sea to the south are a popular spot for Egypt holidays, with many flights in to Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh. There are also several resorts popular with tourists, when looking for Egypt Hotels, the very best are in the obvious resorts.

As well as the obvious beaches, there is the immense historical side that Egypt holidays offer. Although you do not see them from flights to Egypt the pyramids are huge man built structures from ancient times and are certainly a high priority on Egypt holidays. The only downside to the pyramids is their remoteness, with no Egypt hotels near them, it means travelling to see them.

Of course Egypt holidays have much more to offer than just the pyramids, there are literally thousands of historical sites, with Egypt hotels close by that are all easily accessible with flight to Egypt from many on the UK’s major airports.

Where To Visit?

Aswan:In Upper Egypt is set on the pictures que first cataract, where the Nile is scattered with islands such as elephantine. It is a great place to relax, with a superb winter climate. The necropolis of Thebes, on the west bank of the Nile of Luxor, is riddled with ancient royal tombs. Among the tombs open to the public in the Valley of the Kings, in the tomb of Ramses III. Also don't miss the wonderfully decorated tombs of the nobles

The Temple of Karnak: At Luxor was developed over many centuries its massive hypostyle hall, is the largest hall of any temple in the world. Its columns are carved with scenes of the pharaohs who built it.

Cairo:Cairo's historic mosques, madrasahs and bazaars nestle below the domes and minarets of the citadel. The pyramids of Giza on the edge of the desert plain west of Cairo are one of the original Seven Wonders of the World.

The Temple of Abu Simbel: On the shores of Lake Nasser is one of Egypt's most impressive temples.

Egypt's Red Sea coral reefs offer some of the best diving snorkelling in the world. If you don't dive you can unwind on white sand beaches.

The temple of Isis at Philae is one of the finest Ptolemaic temples. Spectacularly set on Agilqiyyah Island, it is approached by boat from Aswan. There are many ways of enjoying the Nile, but it is hard to beat a cruise, either on a modern cruise boat, a Dahabeeyah, or a simple felucca.